The 3rd Annual 2019 Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Saltwater Slam updates:


1st PlaceEddie BrileyTaylor Made65.78 lbs
2nd PlaceJoshua WoodardFlat Broke49.86 lbs
3rd PlaceKathryn HardeeLil Half-N-Half38.94 lbs
4th PlaceJohn LewisSecond Chance38.44 lbs
5th PlaceWayne HardeeHalf-N-Half38.41 lbs
6th PlaceHenry TillettWindy Conditions36.95 lbs
7th PlaceKevin KnoxAngler's Envy36.52 lbs
8th PlaceColby BondThe Whaler35.73 lbs
9th PlaceEverett CameronEverReady35.5 lbs
10th PlaceVictor TuckerJob Site35.11 lbs

Additional Winners

1st Place Lady AnglerDebbie PriddySecond Chance38.44 lbs
1st Place Junior AnglerJoshua TuckerJob Site35.11 lbs
1st Place Senior AnglerEddie BrileyTaylor Made65.78 lbs
1st week Heaviest FishWayne HardeeHalf-N-Half38.41 lbs
2nd week Heaviest FishEddie BrileyTaylor Made65.78 lbs
3rd week Heaviest FishColby BondThe Whaler35.73 lbs
1st Place TWTEddie BrileyTaylor Made65.78 lbs
2nd Place TWTKathryn HardeeLil Half-N-Half38.94 lbs
3rd Place TWTJohn LewisSecond Chance38.44 lbs
Early BirdJody BurgartKnot Enough Time
Mystery Weight
closest to 31 lbs
Randy RussellShip Faced38.27 lbs

Week 2 Leaderboard; updated October 14, 2019

Flat Broke49.86
Wayne Hardee38.94
Second Chance38.44
Windy Conditions36.95
Anglers Envy36.52
Ever Ready35.50
King Krazy33.89
Nauti Hooker33.29
Lady Angler
Debbie Priddy
Junior Angler
Joshua Tucker
Senior Angler
Eddie Briley

Week 1 Leaderboard; October 11, 2019

Wayne Hardee38.94
Fish Ann34.28
Sheet Wit It.Rock Wit It13.85





The 2nd Annual Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Saltwater Slam is over!

This is your FINAL Leaderboard!!!!

1) Weight: 38.98 lbs
Date: 10/23/18
Team: Honeybun
Capt: Adam Tosto
2) Weight : 38.06 lbs
Date: 10/22/18
Team: White Lightning
Capt: Tim Hudson
3) Weight: 37.86 lbs
Date: 10/22/18
Team: Half-N-Half
Capt: Wayne Hardee
Co-Capt: Kathryn Hardee
4)Weight: 37.63 lbs
Date: 10/23/18
Team: Last Chance
Capt:Jeff Hudson
5)Weight: 36.55 lbs
Date: 10/23/18
Team: Chasin Kings
Capt:Brian Hudson
6)Weight: 35.34 lbs
Date: 10/23/18
Team: Windy Conditions
Capt: Wendy Tillett
7)Weight: 34.67
Date: 10/25/18
Team: Ole
Capt: Eddie Cameron
Co-Capt: Michelle Cameron
8)Weight: 33.38 lbs
Date: 10/23/18
Team: Ms Teeny
Capt:Ashley Jones
Co-Capt: Matt Gay
9)Weight: 33.10 lbs
Date: 10/25/18
Team: Happy
Capt:Dean Brock
10)Weight: 30.07 lbs
Date: 10/19/18
Team: Fish Ann
Capt:Bryan Wokasch


Lady Angler Winner:
Weight: 37.86 lbs
Date: 10/22/18
Team: Half N Half
Lady Angler: Kathryn Hardee
Junior Angler Winner:
Weight: 16.76 lbs
Date: 10/23/18
Team: FishAnn
Junior Angler: Annie Wokasch
Senior Angler Winner:
Weight: 29.87 lbs
Date: 10/19/18
Team: Sea Prowler
Senior Angler: Byron Dickens


Heaviest Fish Weighed
Weight: 18.24 lbs
Team: Grade-A
Capt: Trey Grady
Heaviest Fish Weighed
Weight: 33.10 lbs
Team: Happy
Capt: Dean Brock
Heaviest Fish Weighed
Weight: 38.98 lbs
Team: Honeybun
Capt: Adam Tosto